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Get Help

Help for Phonascus

For each website supported language (English and Spanish) I maintain a user forum for Phonascus at There you can post feedback, comments or submit requests. I will answer your posts.

You can access the English forum here : English Forum

If you need help, please, post a message to the forum. The forum is the right place where everybody, users and developers, can share their knowledge. Also, there's a good chance other people have asked the same question as you, so you may be able to find the answers you need. I give you this software for free. And I will answer your questions in the forum. I will not give support to anybody by private email.

Help for Lomse

Please, join the Lomse mail-list, and ask your questions there. I will not give support to anybody by private email.

Feedback and suggestions

Your opinion is important to me. In part, new software features are introduced because you, the users, ask for them. I encourage you to send new ideas, comment on the software or send suggestions for improvement. Post your feedback and suggestions either to the forum (for Phonascus) or to the mail list (for Lomse). I do read all posts and they are studied and taken into account for future versions of the program. Thank you for your contribution.

Phonascus translations

Translations in LenMus Phonascus are an ongoing process of text improvement. Since all work in the project is done by volunteers, not necessarily professional translators, it is not always possible to achieve maximum quality of translation, due to lack of time or accurate knowledge of the language. Therefore any input leading to improving the text of the translation is highly appreciated. This can be anything from pointing out a typo to suggestions for rephrasing or usage of terminology. All these comments are highly appreciated. Thank you for your input.

To contact a translator go to the translation credits page and click on the link for that translator

Contact me

For other issues, if you really need to get in touch with me by private email, please send emails to email address. Please, do not email me to ask for help as your email will be trashed immediately. Read Get Help.

By IRC: I should be available on channel #lenmus at irc://

Last updated: 2012/12/16