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The official LenMus PPA (repository for Ubuntu packages) is at Launchpad at You will have to add this repository to your system, so that you will be able to install LenMus either using the Ubuntu Software Center or from the command line. And also updates will automatically come to you through the Ubuntu Update Manager.

To instal LenMus repository, open a terminal and enter:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lenmus-phonascus/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Now you're ready to install LenMus, either using the Ubuntu Software Center or by entering:

sudo apt-get install lenmus

Once installed, you can run LenMus from main menu:

Menu > Education > LenMus

openSuse logo OpenSuse

The people at the openSUSE Education project (in particular Joop Boonen (worldcitizen) and Lars Vogdt (lrupp)) have included LenMus in their repositories and are preparing and maintaining installation packages for some distros. Please the check availability of a package for your distro and download it from the openSUSE project page.

Arch Linux logo Arch Linux

Uwe Koloska is maintaining the LenMus package for archlinux. Please the check availability at his ArchLinux User Repository page.

Fedora logo Mandriva logo CentOS logo Other distros

If you would like to help preparing and maintaining packages for other distros, please let me know. I'll be glad including instructions in this page.

Midi sound configuration in Linux

It is possibile that you don't get any sound while running LenMus. This is probably due to the Midi configuration of your Linux installation. Please see how to fix this problem.

Last updated: 2015/12/17