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LenMus is a free open software project, committed to the principles of open source software, free education, and open access to information. It has no commercial purpose.

It is a personal project, to learn and for fun, that I do in my spare time, so do not expect new features every few months! . Sorry!


LenMus news News

27/Apr/2015 - Release of Lomse library version 0.15.0

Since version 0.14.0 the development has continued and a lot of new code is now included. The changes are oriented, mainly, to support music score edition applications. See the Lomse changelog for more details. Debian packages to install Lomse in Ubuntu are available at Lomse PPA. The tutorials in this website have been also updated.

26/Jan/2015 - Instructions for installing Phonascus in Mac OS X

There is no LenMus version for Mac computers. I don't own a Mac and can not prepare this version. But it is possible to run on a Mac the Phonascus Windows version. Charles Nichols has prepared detailed instructions for installing the Windows version in Mac OS X Yosemite. Thanks Charles!

12/Jan/2015 - Release of wxMidi v2.0

Version 2.0 mainly fixes a bug causing occasional problems when receiving sysex messages, removes the 32KB limit for SysEx messages and includes some improvements. Two new translations added: German, thanks to Undine Peters; and Simplified Chinese, thanks to 卢文汐 (Wenxi Lu). The documentation has been updated and rewriten for using Doxygen. See changelog for more details.

03/May/2013 - Release of Phonascus v5.3.1

Version 5.3.1 is focussed on fixing bugs, in particular on those causing unexpected program termination. This version also completes translation to Chinese and adds options for clefs reading exercise. See changelog for more details.

For music studens

LenMus Phonascus

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A totally free program for studying and practising music theory. Read more ...

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For developers

Lomse library Lomse library

Lomse is a free open source project to provide software developers with a C++ library for rendering, editing and playing back music scores. With it, you can add capabilities to any program for displaying and editing music scores. It is witten in C++, it is platform independent. More info

wxMidi component wxMidi component

wxMidi is a free open source component for software developers using the wxWidgets application development framework. With this component you can add MIDI in/out support to your wxWidgets application. wxMidi is a wrapper for PortMidi, the Portable Real-Time MIDI Library. More info

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